June 11, 2018

Tajikistan is home to soaring mountains, colourful bazaars and ancient Persian traditions. The smallest country within Central Asia, Tajikistan continues to forge a new nation out of their recent Soviet identity.

Since 1993, Operation Mercy has been working diligently alongside the Tajik people. Today, our projects focus on Community Based Rehabilitation and Community Health.

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Tajikistan is a small, land locked country in Central Asia. The country is 90 percent mountainous, with peaks ascending to almost 7,500 meters. Its challenging climate contributes to the complexity of living conditions. The arid landscape creates both high summer heat and freezing winter temperatures.

Tajikistan, Iran and Afghanistan comprise the Persian-speaking world as we know it today. The Persian history is rich with poets and great thinkers. Rudaki was a famous Persian poet, and is considered a founder of classic Persian literature. Many statues celebrate his contribution to the culture in Tajikistan.

Tajik people are very hospitable and generous, often offering the best of what they have. They love to host guests, seeing them as a gift from God. A true friend will help you when you really need it ...Tajik Proverb

The marginalized and children with disabilities and their families face enormous challenges. The work in the disability sector focusing on Community based Rehabilitation /Community based Inclusive development has been recognised by community and government alike.

Operation Mercy is leading the way with model programs for early intervention, rehabilitation and integration for those children who suffer from disabilities. Orphans and children from low and no income families are also provided with aid.

Providing the Tajik people with informative health resources in their own language is changing attitudes and health behaviours. Communities are being presented with clear information on pregnancy, preventable health issues and accurate medical knowledge is being printed and shared across this mountainous country.

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