Community Based Rehabilitation, Tajikistan

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June 18, 2018
Community Health, Tajikistan
June 18, 2018
Community Based Rehabilitation in Khujand

Early intervention and preschool for children with disabilities.

All About Children (AAC) is a model program for early intervention and preschool for children with disabilities in Tajikistan. Currently almost 100 children are enrolled in the program. The success of the program is evident in its amazing impact on the lives of the disabled children, their families, and local communities. This program is also partnering with government agencies and establishing satellite schools in poorer rural areas

Community Based Rehabilitation in Isfara

Early intervention and rehabilitation for children with disabilities and support for their parents.

In remote areas of Tajikistan it is not uncommon for children with disabilities to spend most of their days at home, isolated from the community. Our team at Way of Hope in Isfara is working to change these circumstances by providing early intervention and rehabilitation services for disabled children and support services for their parents. The team is also busy in the workshop, building assistive devices such as walking frames that are available to families in a lending library. Having gained a positive reputation in the community, we are now also training local social assistance workers who conduct home visits for children with disabilities.

Community Based Rehabilitation in Rudaki

Early intervention and rehabilitation for children with disabilities and support for their parents.

Some of the most vulnerable people in a developing country are children and adults with disabilities. At Harakat, in partnership with local NGOs and disabled peoples organisations; we assist those with disabilities through Community-Based Rehabilitation, Early Intervention, Inclusive Education, and the provision of assistive devices. We provide educational seminars, promotion campaigns, advocacy and support for families with a disabled member.

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