Partnership Opens the Way to School

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April 3, 2023
Hope Stored in His Heart 
September 29, 2023

Partnership Opens the Way to School

There are many barriers for a child with disability to access education in Tajikistan. Sometimes this barrier is seen in the attitudes of people that think children with disabilities don’t belong in school or should be kept separate from other children. Sometimes the barriers are physical, for example a child with a wheelchair who cannot enter the school because of steps, or who cannot reach the toilet because it is inaccessible.

Our local partner organizations in Tajikistan worked with a school to help them understand the need to change the school’s physical accessibility. Then they partnered with local businesses and shops, who donated the materials necessary to build a ramp and to make the toilet accessible. Local workmen partnered with those working at the school to do the building work. The local staff also worked with the child to prepare he to go to school, as well training and mentoring the teacher who would teach the child with a disability. Much partnership has helped this child to enter school!  

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