Community Based Rehabilitation

Nazira is a mother of a child with disability, and a new staff of our partner organization. She participated in a training on early intervention for children with hearing and visual impairments. The training was conducted by an international expert who has had many years of experience working with children with hearing and visual impairments.

Nazira has been bringing her child for rehabilitation services to our partners for several years. Her child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he also has hearing impairments. Nazira is an active mother, who works hard to see the development of her child and works closely with the staff in the organization.

After participating in the training, Nazira is better equipped with knowledge and skills, which she uses in her daily work activities with children. The training topics and practice were very helpful and effective for her.

Nazira says:

“Since my child has hearing problems, I try to learn something new every day and help my own child and other children with disabilities to improve their health, skills and social communication.  I am very thankful to be a part of this intervention, as I had an opportunity to learn Sign Language, so that I could communicate with my child and understand his world better. I do not want him to feel lonely.

“After attending their training on how to work with children with hearing and visual impairments, I understood the importance of using flashcards and I started to practice that with my own child.

“As a mother, I share my knowledge with parents and after participating in the training, I recommend that each family regularly does checkups of the hearing aids of their children”.