Incorporating Technology with Traditional Farming Practices

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February 14, 2022
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June 11, 2022

Incorporating Technology with Traditional Farming Practices

Traditional farming practices often produce low quality crops and low yields. A new generation of younger farmers, having access to the internet, are considering how to incorporate technology with traditional farming practices.

Hamaze* took over his father's farm in 2021. He was interested in high efficiency farming where he could produce larger yields of quality crops with less manual labor. He was also interested in how his farm could benefit from using greenhouses, hydroponics, and automatic systems. Having heard that our project assists farmers in those very areas, Hamaze came to us for help. We worked with him on designing a hydroponics system for his farm and trained him on how to use it.

Hamaze is scheduled to start utilizing this system in the Spring of 2022. Since we can offer commercial scale systems at an affordable rate to local farmers, we look forward to seeing the results of Hamaze’s efforts. Assuming he is successful, we hope that word will spread so that we can assist more local farmers.

*Name changed

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