Agricultural Cooperation for Development, Jordan

Disaster Preparedness & Response, Tajikistan
June 18, 2018
Community Based Rehabilitation, Jordan
June 18, 2018

Since 2014 the Agricultural Cooperation for Development (AC4D) program in the Jordan Valley has been supporting farmers with techniques and readily accessible technologies to aid in the management of the most pressing issues in smallholder agriculture in the Middle East. The chief among those issues being excessive soil and water salinity and nutrient/pest management.

The AC4D team continues to work to make cutting edge techniques and technologies like large scale hydroponics accessible to local farmers through low cost implementation strategies and commercial scale demonstrations across the Jordan Valley.

Trials from our demonstration farm have yielded over 600,000 kilograms of fresh produce, which is given to Operation Mercy’s local partners for distribution among vulnerable refugee populations from Syria, Iraq and Palestine in Northern Jordan.

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