Women’s Empowerment, Kazakhstan

Hope and Health, North Macedonia
June 13, 2018

The Self Help Approach to community development acknowledges that community members have the greatest potential to transform their own lives, their families and communities, and it seeks to unlock that potential. Operation Mercy seeks out the poorest members of society and gathers them into groups where they can learn strategies for solving their own problems, become involved in income generating activities and fully participate in identifying and solving the problems present in their own communities.

The purpose of the groups is to increase the sense of self-worth in all the ladies joining the Self-Help Groups (SHG) and strengthen their ability to be a valuable member of their society.

The Self Help Groups empower women to help raise their family’s standard of living through basic health awareness, business training, human rights, education and literacy, which in turn allows women to positively influence society. It encourages women in three basic principles: we are created in the image of God, we all have unique gifts and skills, and together we are stronger than if we were alone.

SHG’s work to address the social and economic problems and to unleash the potential in the most vulnerable people in the poorest areas.


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