Disaster Preparedness & Response, Tajikistan

Mobility, Tajikistan
June 18, 2018
Agricultural Cooperation for Development, Jordan
June 18, 2018

Operation Mercy, through local partner organizations in Tajikistan, distributes aid to people left vulnerable from natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, and severe economic situations. Relief aid to families, elderly people, people with disabilities, schools, and other institutions has included food, clothing, school supplies, fuel, and equipment (such as generators).

The COVID19 relief response through these partner organizations provides food relief through all regions of Tajikistan and into the Pamirs as well as psychosocial support due to an increase in domestic violence, theft, and closed borders.

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Operation Mercy is monitored by Svensk Insamlings Kontroll, (the Swedish Foundation for fundraising control), who ensures quality control of donation management for Swedish based charities.