Training Changes Mindset

The View Changes
February 7, 2022
Partnership for Progress
March 4, 2022

Nozanin* always thought that children with disabilities (CWD) shouldn’t go out into society because people will stigmatize them and discriminate against them, and this will negatively influence them. Consequently, she didn’t want her child to attend school and she didn’t allow her to go outside often. 

But after she attended training about the rights and opportunities of CWD her thoughts changed. The training helped her to understand the importance of involving CWDs in society as it influences their physical, emotional, and social growth as well as building their self-esteem. She learnt that it is important that her child feels that she is a valuable part of society. 

After participating in the training, Nozanin realized the importance of investing in her child, by encouraging education and independence which will help her to find her place in society.

*Name changed

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