Partnering to Grow Capacity

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October 8, 2019
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January 27, 2020

Partnering to Grow Capacity

“Valentin, would you be available to give another seminar about building assistive devices?”  Dilorom* called me one morning and asked.

Dilorom is working for an international NGO in a neighboring town. Over the past few years Operation Mercy has partnered with this NGO in providing seminars and trainings. Growing capacity is a vital part of Operation Mercy’s vision, and therefore we are delighted when we can share our resources and experience. 

Corner chairs and walking frames are essential tools for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and for increasing their quality of life. The training was aimed specifically at how to make these assistive devices.

This time I conducted the training in the neighboring country of Kyrgyzstan. Recently there have been several instances of violent conflicts on the border, but it’s especially important for us to partner where there is need, without regard to borders or nationalities. 

Ten local tradesmen from various towns in the region attended the training and I’m looking forward to the future, where children with disabilities will receive the assistive devices the tradesmen made and it will make a difference to their lives.

*name changed

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