Greenhouses for Health and Profit

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October 9, 2019
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October 16, 2019

Greenhouses for Health and Profit

Above 2,500m in the unforgiving environment of the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan, it is almost impossible to grow anything other than root vegetables. However, with the aid of a greenhouse, families and communities can grow nutritious, fresh vegetables.

Operation Mercy works with schools and individual farmers to support them in setting up successful high-altitude greenhouse operations.

“From my greenhouse, I have contributed about 500 somoni (Tajik currency) to the community budget. I have been able to fence about 30 meters of my orchard and I enjoyed eating my own fresh vegetables during summertime while my neighbours had to buy from the market,” one of our partners said.

Another said, “I have sold my vegetables from my greenhouse to my neighbours and I have also used them myself to make preserves for winter. In total, I have harvested 300kg of cucumbers and 250kg of tomatoes This is my best result! I now want to build another greenhouse next to the one I have.”

Another villager spent his own money to build a greenhouse of Operation Mercy’s Agricultural project’s design. The concept of a profitable and doable greenhouse is growing and spreading. The fact that this villager used his own money in building the greenhouse indicates just how much hope they have in the project. 

A director from a school that we partner with said, “Now more people have grasped this idea and wish to build their own greenhouses. I have already built one small greenhouse with plastic and I will expand it next year. We will try to have the best results possible from the school greenhouses next year. If we are able to save some money from the selling the crops, our next plan is to construct a third greenhouse beside the existing two.”

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