Small Success

Looking Back, Looking Forward
November 24, 2021
Hope and capacity, pure and simple…
February 9, 2022

Our local Crossroads Worldview trainer was approached by a mother who was concerned about her children as some months before the children's father had died. She offered to host the Crossroads Worldview Training course in her home. This is a training program focused on personal development, life skills and career development.

Young men and women in the area were recruited to join the course. During the course the mother’s son mentioned some strange ideas, like wanting to become a computer hacker. We were able to encourage him to explore other options. During the course the participants’ hope and confidence for a better future was stirred up, enabling them to identify practical initiatives to improve the lives and circumstances of their families and communities.

The mother was very happy that the course took place!

photo: Writing out goals during the Crossroads Worldview Training.

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