Rich In Education

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November 15, 2021
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November 16, 2021

Rich In Education

Many parents in Kyrgyzstan are overwhelmed by the thought of raising a child with a disability who will always need to be cared for. When Rich* was born with disabilities, his mother took him to a state home for children with disabilities. He was then taken in by another family, who later returned him to the institution.

Rich has shown signs of trauma and has not always been easy to live and work with. However, his involvement with our education program has made a difference. He has learned to read simple texts and do basic math. He has grown in his interpersonal skills, and he always takes part in holiday performances at the children’s home.

Rich’s grandfather has taken an interest in him, and now Rich lives with him part of the time. One of our desires is to help families care for their children with disabilities, and we are so glad to see the growth in Rich!

*Name changed

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