Recognizing Children’s Struggles

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November 30, 2022
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March 13, 2023

Recognizing Children’s Struggles

A teacher from one of the schools in Tajikistan invited our #operationmercy partners to teach a seminar on violence to the students. The team showed a short video about violence in the family. While the video was playing one of the team members made a point of observing the reactions of each student as they watched. Most of the students were very emotional.


One girl was crying and trying to hide her face from the other students. He was surprised that the three teachers there hadn't noticed her. The team member knew that this girl must be facing violence in her home and asked the teacher to please speak to her about what she is going through.


Children are experiencing violence, but often because of culture, fear, trust issues etc. they feel unable to openly speak to their teachers about it.

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