Rahmat: Books Impacting Young Lives

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May 15, 2020
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June 3, 2020

Rahmat: Books Impacting Young Lives

Haniah* is 11 years old and in the fifth grade. She has read many books by Rahmat Publications and is keen to read more. Through these books, Haniah has learned many good lessons. One of her favourite story books is Rapunzel.

She told us that, after reading the book, she realised that it is important to help one another; to accomplish something, we cannot do it alone. Now, Haniah does her best to help her friends and classmates, and she always encourages her friends to help each other.

Fatima*, who is 13, is another young girl that has read many books by Rahmat Publications. She was very interested in the book Heidi, and after reading it, she told us she learned that we must not be jealous and that we must consider the needs of others besides our own. The story showed her that people need each other and that it is not good to be alone, so we must nurture friendships and good relationships with others.

There is a hunger for learning and education in Afghanistan. Rahmat Publications seeks to meet this deep need by translating, designing and publishing a variety of books that will make an impact on the values of society. There is a special focus on books for children and youth, as well as partnership with other Operation Mercy projects in the provision of books for children to read in libraries and children’s groups.

*Names changed

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