Quarantine Education – A COVID-19 Story

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May 15, 2020
Emergency Relief Can Lead to Long-Term Development – A COVID-19 Story
May 16, 2020

Quarantine Education – A COVID-19 Story

When nationwide shut-down for Covid-19 hit Kyrgyzstan, Nurgul knew she had to find something for the special education teachers she leads to do. So she turned the work furlough into a massive training time.

Nurgul made contact with an American special education teacher and organized bi-weekly training sessions over Zoom. The Kyrgyz teachers have had input on topics such as looking for what abilities children with disabilities do have and communicating with non-verbal children. The teachers have been able to ask specific questions about their specific students.

In addition to these training times, Nurgul has hosted Zoom meetings four or five days a week for discussion. She has given each teacher an educational topic to research and present findings to the group.

Staying at home during the nationwide shut-down for Covid-19 in Kyrgyzstan is not wasted time for our special education teachers!

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