Projects: A Brief History of Operation Mercy’s Work in Tajikistan, 1993 – 2020

Beginnings: A Brief History of Operation Mercy’s work in Tajikistan, 1993 – 2020
January 18, 2021
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February 15, 2021

Projects: A Brief History of Operation Mercy’s Work in Tajikistan, 1993 – 2020

Above 2,500m in the unforgiving environment of the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan, it is almost impossible to grow anything other than root vegetables. However, with the aid of a greenhouse families and communities can grow nutritious fresh vegetables supporting health and livelihoods.

In our Agricultural Development project, Operation Mercy worked with schools and individual farmers to support them in setting up successful high-altitude greenhouse operations. We also worked with local fruit growers, to see an increase in quantity, quality and utility of fruit grown here. 

Some of the most vulnerable people in a developing country are children and adults with disabilities. Operation Mercy’s Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) projects in three different areas of the country made amazing impact on the lives of children with disabilities, their families, and local communities! 

Our CBR projects have focused on partnering to provide early intervention and rehabilitation for children with disabilities and support for their parents, inclusive education, and the provision of assistive devices as well as educational seminars, promotion campaigns and advocacy. 

In Operation Mercy’s Mobility for All project, wheelchairs and assistive devices have provided an opportunity for people with disabilities in Tajikistan to have their personal mobility enhanced.

Each wheelchair has been produced and assembled in our 'Wheelchair Workshop' and custom made to meet the needs of the individual. The provision of assistive devices to aid people with disabilities has also been integral to this programme. 

Operation Mercy’s Community Health projects in different regions of the country have raised awareness and knowledge regarding nutrition, disease prevention, first aid, diabetes and maternal health information, empowering healthier lives! We have also helped children with type 1 diabetes receive needed resources and have held camps for them.

In rural areas we have built the capacity of nurses and health volunteers to equip them to be educators in their communities. 

In Operation Mercy’s Women and Youth Empowerment project, we worked with women and youth with and without disabilities and encouraged them to interact together and discover their own value, to gain confidence, and to start to taking responsibility for themselves, their families, and communities. 

During the 27 years that Operation Mercy has worked in Tajikistan, we have distributed aid to people left vulnerable from natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, and severe economic situations as part of our disaster preparedness and response. Relief aid to families, the elderly, people with disabilities, schools and other institutions has included food, clothing, school supplies, fuel and equipment (such as generators).


Since 1993, Operation Mercy has been working diligently alongside the Tajik people. We have experienced Tajik hospitality and generosity, often being offering the best of what they have. Tajikistan has demonstrated the truth of the Tajik Proverb: “A true friend will help you when you really need it.” 

In 2020 we handed over our activities to our local partners who we have equipped over the last two decades. We have built capacity, and we trust these communities to carry on promoting the hope and transformation our projects are known for.

Operation Mercy International warmly welcomes these new local partners into our network of local partner organisations across our regions.

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