Positive Pressure

Hope and Light Shared Through Community Based Rehabilitation
December 8, 2020
New Ideas for Special Children
March 30, 2021

Positive Pressure

Kamil* was that kid in his class. He always had ideas and was a natural leader. However, he frequently led in a problematic direction. He bullied kids into doing things they did not want to.

One day Kamil had a chance to go to a special seminar at school. Since he was bored and happy for a change in his routine, he went. The seminar was our training for adolescent boys. There Kamil heard things he had never heard before, about kindness and encouragement, about what good leadership is.

Kamil realized he possessed leadership skills and that he had not been leading in a good way. He resolved to stop pressuring other students to do the wrong things and to try to lead in doing good things.

In our Children at Risk project, we give children and families the tools they need to overcome obstacles and live fruitful and productive lives. Working together with our local partners, we empower, encourage, and help provide opportunities for a better future for these children!

*Name changed..

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