Not Just Playing Around

Rich In Education
November 16, 2021

Not Just Playing Around

It was a busy day at our office in Kyrgyzstan.  Several families had come for consultations regarding adaptive equipment for their children with special needs.  Some families had travelled several hours for the opportunity and had brought along all their children for the event, not only the ones getting the consultation.

When a toddler started racing up and down the office hallway with a walker, our staff assumed a little brother was just playing around.  However, the child’s parents were delighted by his antics and asked a staff member if they could purchase a walker for their child.  The staff hesitated and finally answered that we only sell our equipment to children with special needs, not just for any children to play with.  The mother quickly asserted that this child was 2 ½ years old and had never walked alone before!

The child received the walker and an incredible impact was made.

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