New Wheels, New Opportunities

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November 2, 2021
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November 11, 2021

New Wheels, New Opportunities

Unable to walk, Akram*, 20, used to sit at home in Tajikistan and repair shoes for neighbours who brought them to his house. He dreamed of expanding his business and opening a small shoe repair booth in the centre of the bazaar but lacked a way to get to and from the bazaar, two kilometres away. A well fitted wheelchair from our mobility project provided the opportunity he needed.

“The wheelchair solved my problem of how to get to my place of work. Now I do not use taxi services or the help of other friends to get there. The wheelchair made it possible to become independent from the help of others and earn money with my labour," Akram says.

Although she had a wheelchair previously, Mahina*, 30, said it was unreliable, breaking often and constantly needing repairs. In order to travel and participate in trainings and seminars related to people with disabilities, she needed an assistant to help with transportation. A well fitted wheelchair from our mobility project provided the opportunity she needed.

“With the new wheelchair I have no such problems anymore. …Now, without any fear, I can ride and participate in various trainings and in the public life of my city. I am very grateful that I received a wheelchair; now I do not need a permanent person next to me,” Mahina says.

*Names changed.

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