Business Training Improves Zeina’s Business Future

From Ignored to Inspiring Others
June 5, 2018
Micro-Business Training Graduates
June 21, 2018

Business Training Improves Zeina’s Business Future

Zeina's* story: "I want to help people who thought they could never succeed"

"I've banked 60USD in 3 weeks!" That may not sound like a lot of money, however prior to the business training events Zeina had only managed to save 33USD in her bank account during the previous two years. She proudly displayed her savings account passbook to show us her recent deposits. "This has been incredible for me! I never believed I could make so much money starting with just 2000MRO (7.30USD). The training has shown me the importance of discipline in recording my cash flow and saving my profits. Now I know why I've failed before and I've seen that even a small business can be successful."

Although quite shy and soft-spoken much of the time, as Zeina shared about her success, she spoke with confidence, passion and excitement: "If I can succeed in a business with such a small amount of money, I know others can too, and I want to do all I can to help people who were like me and thought they could never succeed." Zeina is a divorced mother of two young girls, living in a small wooden shack in one of the outlying districts of Nouakchott.

Operation Mercy's partner has eight community centres in Nouakchott which currently allow more than 2000 families to participate in programs to empower and equip communities.

(*Zeina is not her real name).

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