We have no words

Peace Building and Reconciliation in Skopje
October 22, 2018
“Seeing lives transformed, including our own…”
November 1, 2018

Not so long ago, we were gathering stories from the Skopje flood disaster and made a visit to a retired Macedonian couple who have rebuilt after the disaster on that august evening. Here is some of their story:

"We were not at home the night of the flood - only my son Igor was at home, sleeping downstairs. The electricity shut down and Igor, our son, woke to find himself in water, in-rushing, chest high 1.5 meter deep ! We talked on the phone, there was no chance to come home. His daughters (11 and 12) were not at home… You can still see the water lines on the house… Two of our friends, a man and wife, were drowned in the flood. It was a catastrophe… mud up to my knees for one week. Nobody helped. The president was here (in the worst hit area)… Everything downstairs - most of what we owned - was ruined. The kids were without clothes, we were without blankets. Everything they had was downstairs. The car was ruined. It was bad… We received Eur500 assistance through the government. Beyond that, there was no money before you helped… No other organisation came. We have no words. We purchased materials, together with you. We laid down concrete and lamination. Kitchen was put up by a tradesmen/meister. Beautiful.

After you came, we were talking with friends, telling them about Operation Mercy just turning up out of the blue. They just were totally surprised. Thank you, we made it through the winter. The kids were sleeping on the ground upstairs with the wood-stove. We had wood. Gradually life comes back together… You should be the ones in government.” Thank God we said.

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