Seeing Lives Transformed, Including Our Own

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October 22, 2018
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March 27, 2019

Seeing Lives Transformed, Including Our Own

Japan is one of our team of Operation Mercy staff. Here is an extract from his testimonial of how the experience of serving in the European Refugee Crisis has changed him.

Japan says: "Before the situation (the European Refugee Crisis), I was occupied with my own problems, I was indifferent to other people, just being engaged at home. There are many needs in Skopje and many problems. But my whole mindset changed, and I got a different worldview. I began to be more sensitive to people, more emotional. I want to try to help someone in whatever situation. I am not just passing by the homeless people and beggars, but I am trying to find something to give them. This is not just change as a mindset but as something from my character. And I want to be humbler. Before, I didn’t want to change, I resisted if someone wanted me to do something outside my own framework of principles. But now I am more open. The Operation Mercy leaders influenced me to connect with people, to engage with people, to be more personal.

"Someone asked me how it feels to be part of history. I said, "I don’t want to be a part of their history. I want to be a part of their FUTURE." I hope the people can find their rest and find their peace. I have about 100 people now on Facebook, friends from the refugee flow. I will continue to be in contact with them and see how they go."

Japan later would comment, "This time serving at the border was the best experience of my life".

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