Visit to Lovely Soul

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October 22, 2018
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October 22, 2018

Visit to Lovely Soul

This four-year-old’s name literally means “Lovely Soul.” When she grins, you can see that it’s a good fit.

We’ve been visiting her for one year, and last time we complemented her mom on how much progress we saw. She is slowly learning to sit on her own, drink from an open dish and train her core muscles.

At Christmastime we brought her a present that included a pair of sunglasses that she sports well.

We visit 3 to 4 families with special needs children every week. We take time to talk with the parents about their struggles and questions as well as doing play therapy with the children. Many of the children know us by name and eagerly await our visits. Parents express their appreciation; many of them have no one else to talk to about their special children.

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