Knowledge changes lives

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June 21, 2018
Trust facilitates learning
November 5, 2018

Knowledge changes lives

In our empowerment project, women and youth interact together and discover their own value. Since coming to the empowerment group a new world of knowledge has opened for Hannah. She now understands how important it is to take care of her health and body and that prevention is easier and cheaper than treatment. The lesson on stress management helped her to understand her situation more deeply and helped her to identify her fears and know how to get rid of them. She said, “I want to become a good mother and the topics we learn help me to become more confident and develop me as person. I also like it that we have a friendly environment in the group and we can talk about any issue with our facilitator.”

One of the girls called Susan who has been attending one of the groups said, “I have had a disability since childhood. Coming to this group changed my personality and world view. I am a shy person. When I was asked to answer something during my regular lessons at college, I was stuck and could not say a word. Most of my classmates thought I was stupid, but I am not. My problem is that I just can’t express myself in front of others. Coming to this group gave me opportunities to break those barriers and to stand up and speak out. I am thankful to the facilitator and my fellow participants who patiently listen to me. It was not easy for me, but I wanted to participate and share what I have learned including TB, healthy food, healthy relationships, and stress management. I hope that I will continue to learn new things and become more equipped with knowledge that will help us not only in our own lives but also to influence others.”

We are encouraged by how both these women have gained confidence and are starting to take responsibility for themselves and their communities.

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