From Ignored to Inspiring Others

Seminar for Care Givers
June 5, 2018
Encouraged to Think
June 17, 2018

From Ignored to Inspiring Others

Alma* is an elderly lady with a real grasp on what it means to be lonely. Living alone in an apartment block in a densely populated area Alma was surrounded by people but still described herself as having no friends. That was before Self Help Groups came to her area. Now, in her Self Help Group she has friends. She has people to share her struggles with, who she can support and who will support her as well. She has people who care about what is happening to her. In her Self Help Group she even found three friends who live in the same building as her, but who she had never had any opportunity to meet.

It’s not only relationships that Alma has grown in but confidence too. When her group recently incorporated rotational leadership into their meetings she was the first to step up and lead a group – and she did a great job! We are so pleased to see Alma going from ignored and overlooked to inspiring others with the brave steps that she is taking.

* not her real name

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