Finding Purpose, Feeling Good!

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February 13, 2019
Rewards from Team Effort
February 19, 2019

Finding Purpose, Feeling Good!

In a refugee camp setting, women are especially prone to physical inactivity, isolation, high stress, and depression. Through our group fitness classes, we set out to provide a safe, fun, accessible, and consistent place for women to release stress, build community, and increase overall wellness.

Sondoos* has felt the benefits of our classes. Here is some of her story:

“I’ve known the fitness team for some time but didn’t attend much.  I visited a doctor and he told me that I was far too overweight.  I told him I couldn't lose weight, that I had tried many different things without any results - but in all honestly I just ate way too much.

“When I arrived in Iraq I had no work or studies, nothing to give me purpose during the day.  I began to just stay at home and sleep.  Eventually I began to lose my hair and I was concerned that I had a hormone problem, but my doctor said I was fine.  My family encouraged me to exercise but I didn't want to especially because I didn't have anyone to go with me and I hadn't had much success with it in the past.

“After only one week of going to the group fitness classes I felt a lot better and I started waking up at 6:00AM so I could be ready for my day.  My mother was amazed.  So far I have lost 12.5kg and I have been encouraged to keep going because every week I get on the scale and see progress.

Going to class is so wonderful as well.  I used to cry all day and night because I felt purposeless at home. I felt trapped because I thought people would laugh at me and how I looked.  Now I can wear anything and I feel so much better.  Thank you for your help and hard work, I am so grateful.”

* Name changed

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