Emotionally Better

Improved Emotional and Physical Health
February 11, 2019
Finding Purpose, Feeling Good!
February 19, 2019

Emotionally Better

Our group fitness classes in the refugee camps are a valuable activity in several ways. They benefit the women by creating a positive atmosphere for community building. They improve physical health through exercise, and they provide an appropriate outlet for stress relief.

One of our group fitness participants said: “Since my husband is unable to work, I am both a housewife and the income provider for our family. I work as a tailor, but I used to be very anxious about the future and broken on the inside.

“My knees hurt me a lot and I gained weight. I became so fat, that my husband said to me: “I can’t recognize you because of your belly.”

“One day I saw a woman that I know and she looked different because she had lost weight since I had last seen her. When I asked her how she had been able to lose weight, she told me about the fitness program.

"Together with my relative, I joined the class and I have benefited from it a lot. I feel better emotionally and everyone at home is happier with me! Even my knees are much better! Thank you!”

We are thankful for the positive impact the Women’s Fitness program has had, and in the future, we hope to see even more women benefit from a fun, consistent, safe place to exercise within their communities.

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