Heart Wounds

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October 23, 2018
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February 11, 2019

Heart Wounds

Operation Mercy offers trauma healing courses to refugees and internally displaced people in Iraq who have experienced trauma due to war and displacement or other events. Participants find the training helpful in empowering them to help others as they explore questions like “Why do we suffer?” and “How can the wounds of our hearts be healed?”

One displaced woman shared: “I learned through this training how to reconcile with myself and accept myself as I am. My confidence in myself has increased. I feel comfortable, because I took out everything from my heart that hurt me. I also learned the meaning of forgiveness and that I can forgive myself and other people from my heart. I learned how to help other people, but I cannot help them at the expense of myself and my family. It is essential to share responsibilities with others. This has changed me, and I’ll share it with others.”

Mohammed said: “The training impacted me a lot. I feel more able now to help others.”

Hasan said: “I learned so much: how to help other people who are in need. How to help myself and my family. How to understand and respect others, and that it is important to forgive others.”

The Trauma Healing Training is more than just equipping people to understand things done against them, it enables them to help others.

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