Identity and Worth

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February 19, 2019
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September 16, 2019

Identity and Worth

Participants from our women’s fitness program went through a Shine course taught by Operation Mercy. The content of the curriculum helped the participants to grow in their identity and recognize their own worth. We also equipped them to directly duplicate the course and teach elements of the curriculum in short sessions after their own classes in the camps.

Many of the beneficiaries of our Shine classes have shared how they have grown in character and self-confidence as a result of the program, especially as they learned that they themselves have intrinsic value because of being created by God and in his image.

Some of their feedback is as follows:

“I have changed because of the Shine program. I trust more and feel calmer and more relaxed. I also learned to stand up for myself and to love others. I especially liked the lesson on value, on gaining confidence and being able to help others.” –Nadia*

“I benefited most from learning about my own value. I liked the stories and activities and feel that I have changed a lot through them. I have learned to trust more and to love myself. It was great to get to know each other better through the program.” –Dileen*

“I feel like I have changed a lot during the Shine program. I especially benefitted from the Shine lesson teaching about my uniqueness. I have learned to be more patient and less angry. I have grown in self- confidence.” –Zidra*

“I liked everything. The Shine lessons affected my daily life positively. I have become more patient, learned to know my personal value and started to forgive people. What I learned changed my life at home and how I act with my kids, especially with my daughter. I have become less angry with my daughter.” –Rosa*

(The picture above shows women making collages during a Shine class to dream about their own future)

*names changed

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