Changing Lives

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June 17, 2018
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October 23, 2018

Changing Lives

Participants in our Shine program have shared that they have experienced healing and change in their lives. Here are some short testimonies of different sessions and feedback on the change in peoples lives.

In one of the sessions, the women learn about healthier ways of coping with their emotions and improving in self-control. Many of the participants applied the lesson they learned to dealing with daily frustrations and outbursts of anger. Hadia exclaimed: “My life has changed. I feel more relaxed. I don’t get upset as easily as I used to anymore.”

Asked what she liked best about the program, Laila shared: “I loved everything. I learned how to love people, how to forgive people as in the story of Joseph. I liked the activity where we wrapped a gift to give to somebody else. I like to come because you love and respect people and that’s why I am feeling happy and comfortable with you.”

Milka who had heart issues and was grieving the loss of several family members shared: “Before I came to the program when I was at home, I was always feeling upset and stayed in my tent all the time. Since I came to the program I am changing and want to be with people.”

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