Increased Quality of Life

Rewards from Team Effort
February 19, 2019
Winter Visits
March 7, 2019

Increased Quality of Life

Hala* was in an accident which resulted in her inability to sit up on her own, stand, and walk.  At our first visit with her, we found both her and her family very discouraged by her condition.  With the help of a doctor we established an exercise routine and her mother helped her exercise on the days that we did not visit. This helped her cramped, stiff legs become more flexible.

We were then able to set more goals: to help her learn to sit, stand, and walk without assistance.  We quickly achieved these goals. After another month she could take five steps and after a bit more time she was able to walk for five minutes all by herself!

As Hala has improved physically, so has her and her family’s emotional state. She is almost able go back to school again!

Through our involvement with Hala and her family we met the aims set out for our Community Based Rehabilitation project: to increase her physical quality of life; to build emotional resiliency, returning dignity and restoring hope; and increasing her integration into society.

* Name changed

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