A New Smile

Changing Lives
October 23, 2018
Heart Wounds
October 24, 2018

Three years ago, Musa* lost his right arm and leg after a bomb exploded in his home in Syria. Musa and his family fled and sought refuge in the Kurdish Region of Iraq, where we met him. As a result of his trauma and his new disability, Musa would not talk to many people. He was sad all the time, dropped out of school, had no friends, and seldom smiled.

Musa and his family, along with so many others like them, face harsh conditions in the refugee and displaced people's camps, but through our Community Based Rehabilitation project, they have received love, compassion, and a listening ear.

Operation Mercy also made and fitted Musa with a prosthetic leg! Now he can walk wherever he wants and play whenever he wants. He is back in school and has made friends again.

Our staff continues to visit the family and are encouraged to see such a drastic change not only with his ambulation, but also in his emotional well-being. In the words of the project coordinator: "The most beautiful thing is the big smile on his face."

* name changed

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