Rooted in Everyday Life

Getting the Family on Board
October 17, 2018
Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference
October 22, 2018

Rooted in Everyday Life

Ali (5 yrs, name changed) is the youngest of six brothers. He was born with Down's Syndrome. His mother has struggled to feed him since he was young and he would ony eat cold foods that were made into a puree or drinks and he would dribble a lot. He has had difficulties sitting upright, swallowing and he couldn’t chew at all.

Ali's mother and the speech therapist together decided to focus on Ali’s feeding skills as their therapy goal .

Today, five months later, Ali has learnt to eat without dribbling. His mother is proud and glad! Daily life has become so much easier as Ali eats with rest of the family. The next step is to support Ali to learn how to use a spoon and feed himself.

It is important for us that all our interventions address everyday needs. For this reason we work as a team consisting of the person with disability, their caregiver, our social workers and therapists to set attainable, sustainable goals.

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