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A Hearing aid for Nazanin
June 18, 2018
Partner with us to support people with disabilities
June 21, 2018

Referral support for Afghan refugees living with disability

Maryam’s* parents, refugees from Afghanistan living in Iran, are both living with disability. Her mother is hearing impaired and her father lost his sight due to a chronic disease. He is unable to work and cannot provide for the family any longer.

When Maryam came to us for consultation, she mentioned her regret that she had had to quit school early. Our rehabilitation social worker pointed her to the social welfare organization, encouraging her to pay them a visit, explain her situation and ask for a letter of approval and discount to attend the adult school of educational reintegration.

A few days later Maryam called and said that not only did she receive the necessary letter, but that they had opened a file for her mother and would provide an ear check-up and maybe even hearing aids.

Counselling and referring people to specific places is one of the Disabled Afghan Refugee Project’s key activities in this pilot phase. Spreading knowledge of where refugees with a residential card can get support is central to helping them move towards stability and a brighter future.

* names changed

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