Into the new year with a smile

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October 17, 2018
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October 22, 2018

Into the new year with a smile

A few days ago I was interrupted in my office work by a wonderful noise: a giggle of joy from the therapy room. I couldn't but peek in: Amir (name changed), a boy of five years with cerebral palsy was standing upright in a standing frame - for the first time in his life - playing ball with our therapist! These are the moments we labour for in our little rehabilitation centre for Afghan refugees with disability. When a child begins to laugh and a mother’s face lights up, we know we are on the right track.

At this point we want to thank all who supported the DARP project in the last year to make such moments possible. We are particularly indebted to the Australian embassy in Iran who in 2017 equipped a big part of the centre and for 2018 committed to provide for new therapy materials, assistive devices and equipment. A big thank you also goes to the German Embassy who in 2017 ran a hearing-aid sub-project with DARP.

With the help of the Swiss Embassy a significant part of the salaries of the specialized staff, without whom no intervention would be possible, was covered in 2017. Thank you so much!

And thanks for the many smaller and bigger donations from various people and places! With your help we reached January 2018 and were able to cover therapy support, medical support, transportation support, centre rent, office expenses and so much more.

What will the rest of 2018 bring? None of us know. One thing however is for sure: the stream of Afghan refugees coming to DARP looking for help for their disabled family members will not run dry. The waiting lists speak for themselves!

Thus we trust that new donors will commit to this task at hand and many more smiles will spread from this place.

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