I Am Not Confident 

Joy in walking
June 19, 2022
Encouraged to Imagine
July 8, 2022

Our Community Based Rehabilitation team has met many girls with disabilities who have talents and skills which need to be recognized and developed. Unfortunately, because these girls are shy or have low self-esteem and are feeling pressure from society, many of them are closed and isolated at home.

The team organized an iftar (evening meal) during Ramadan for people with disabilities. Here we got to know another girl who has low self-esteem and low confidence.

Umeda is good at dressmaking and has a desire to become a designer, but because of her low confidence and low self-esteem she is isolated at home. When we spent time with her during this event, we encouraged her not to stop dreaming, but to develop her skills. We hope that this meeting sparked a desire for developing her skills and not staying isolated. As we discussed this later, we realized that so many people with disabilities are isolated because of low self-esteem, limited worldview, and feeling pressure from society. They need encouragement to break through these barriers.

Meeting Umed encouraged us in our decision to include lessons in skills learning in our disability project for this year and hopefully to continue this into the next.

*Name changed.

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