Hope through ability

A New Smile
October 23, 2018
The Community Takes Over
December 11, 2018

The community based rehabilitation project in Rudaki provides early intervention and rehabilitation for children with disabilities and support for their parents.

Ten months ago, a four-year-old boy, Simon, who has mental and speech delay, came to the CBR room in Guliston, Rudaki district. He entered the room walking with poor balance and was holding his grandmother’s hands tightly and looking around all the time. When the grandmother took her hands away, Simon started to cry.

After a month the grandmother decided to let him sit by himself among other children, but he cried non-stop. He used to watch others but did not want to do any exercises himself. When the group had snack time, he did not eat independently. After two months, teachers tried to let the grandmother leave Simon again. It was a big challenge to keep him calm in the group. After a while his mother started to bring him to the center. He slowly got used to the center.

After 3 months his grandmother came to the center to visit her grandson, since they were living apart. When the teachers started telling her about Simon’s improvement in his physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development, she said to the teachers, “I can’t believe what you are saying. I didn’t have hope that the situation could change.” Then she was invited to the lesson to see how her grandson loves being in the center. The grandmother said, “I am so happy to see these wonderful changes. I see happiness in both my grandson’s eyes and my daughter’s eyes! Thank you so much!”

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