Help for Relationships

The View Changes
February 7, 2022
“Now I feel I am not alone here…”
April 6, 2022

Help for Relationships

Linda* did not cope well with the boredom and frustration of being a housewife in rural Kyrgyzstan.  Every morning she kicked her husband in the feet to get him out of bed.  Her children cowered in fear that any moment her anger would flare out at them.

But after Linda took part in a home health seminar, she had help to change.  The relational courses on child rearing, marital relationships, and forgiveness gave Linda tools to deal with her anger and live better with her household.  Her children even commented on the change, remarking on how now Linda speaks kindly rather than shouting.  Relational health in families and communities leads to greater overall health.

*Name changed

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