God has created me perfectly!

Hope Restored Through Fitness Classes
November 10, 2019
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January 29, 2020

God has created me perfectly!

In one of the Syrian Refugee Camps, Rosa* attends the fitness class offered by our Operation Mercy team. Here she has lost weight, made friends, and has had the opportunity to participate in a Shine course. Shine is a programme to help women grow in resilience and coping capacity by investing in their self-worth and identity.

Rosa attributes some of the changes in her life to participating in the Shine course.

Rosa said: “Before Shine, I used to be shy and timid. I was also very impatient and quick to flare up in anger, causing conflicts with everyone around me. Through Shine, Operation Mercy taught us that we need to have patience and long-suffering, while at the same time actively planning for and maintaining a positive outlook for the future.

“We learned that humans are valuable in God’s sight and that this also applies to us as women. A person’s value is intrinsic and not determined by if they are fat or thin, tall or short. As we learned of our value, we gained self-confidence, giving thanks to God for the amazing way that he created us. I am now convinced that God has created me perfectly!

“After having attended the Shine course, I have a better understanding of my life and find it easier to respond to problems patiently. When I have a problem, I take the time to think and wait before responding. I also feel equipped to plan better for my future. The Shine course has greatly impacted my life!”

Rosa continues to attend fitness classes. In her free time she has taken up writing poetry to express her feelings, a talent one of the fitness instructors encouraged her to develop. She is praying for God to bless her with children and has a renewed hope for her future.

*Name changed

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