Domestic Abuse Help During COVID-19

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June 3, 2020
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September 4, 2020

Domestic Abuse Help During COVID-19

During lock down due to COVID-19 in Kazakhstan, the rate of domestic abuse has increased as people are quarantined in their homes together.

Sparking Freedom is addressing the need by doing a campaign on social media to make people aware of what domestic abuse is. The team did research to find out what government support there was for people in abuse situations as well as what practical advice they could give for the prevention and safety during abuse situations.

On the social media campaign they also presented a questionnaire to find out if people were in abusive situations. 20% of the people who answered the questionnaire said they were indeed in abusive situations. This gave the team the opportunity to practically help those who had responded, with advice and encouragement.

This also equipped the team practically in real life as they found out when a neighbor came running down the hallway away from her husband who was beating her. Usually neighbors wouldn’t help in these situations, but a team member went out and comforted her, got the children into the playground, and another neighbor called the police. This convinced the team even more of the need for the online awareness they are doing as they intervened in an abuse situation in their own apartment block.

"Our hope is that through the social media campaign many women will be made aware that their situation isn't normal or cultural, it is abusive. We want to provide the practical support and encouragement that many women are needing right now," a Sparking Freedom team member says.

Translation of pictures:

We are against Domestic violence.

What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence is an attempt to demonstrate and maintain power over a partner.

What forms does domestic violence take? Psychological, Neglect of needs, Physical, Sexual.

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