Developing Good Values Through Reading

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October 7, 2019
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November 14, 2019

Developing Good Values Through Reading

The Rahmat project translates, designs and publishes many different types of books that will make an impact on the values of society. We especially focus on books for children and youth, as well as partnering with other Operation Mercy projects to assist with providing books for the children to read in their libraries and children’s groups.

Recently we asked some of the children about the books they have been reading and what they have learnt from those books:

Malika said that she has recently read the book The Honest Woodsman.

She said, ”This book tells us we must always be honest and this is the key for success. We should not tell lies to anyone. By being honest, God will always help us. Whatever happens, we must be honest because honesty leads us to a good life. A person who has sincerity and honesty, God always loves him/her. A sincere person is always successful in any aspect of life. God never makes an honest person to be in need or to be in trouble, but helps them for being successful in life. Therefore, everyone must always have sincerity and honesty.”

Zinab had read another book called The Five Afghani in the Furnace (*Afghani is the money in Afghanistan).

She gave this report: “The lesson of this story is that hard work is good and helpful for humans. We must work hard and struggle to be successful. We should try to not always be dependent on our family or society to financially help us. Everyone must work hard to reach success. If we do not work hard, we cannot discover the value and cost of anything. We realize the value of money when we earn it with our hard work. When the money comes from a source for which we have not worked hard, it is not valuable to us, but when we earn it by our own efforts it becomes very valuable for us.”

Through these books and many others Rahmat project is helping children to develop good values in life so that they will positively impact on society.

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