Community Partnerships Are Key

Hearing and Learning
July 1, 2022
The Joy of Restoration
July 8, 2022

Community Partnerships Are Key

If a Skills, Training, Empowerment and Practice (STEP) project is going to succeed, community partnerships with the local school are a key component.

When we launched our pilot program in 2019, schools willing engaged with us. Their partnership with us continues to grow stronger and tangible results further strengthen our relationship.

One example of tangible results is a participant who joined the program on the advice of one of the school counselors. The participant had been locked at home after having lost her spouse and a close family member due to a tragedy. Added to those tragic losses was crushing financial pressure due to gambling debts. But as the participant received training from the program, she earned a scholarship from a prestigious hair-dressing academy, graduated from the program and has plans to open a new business.

As we began looking for new participants for the next cycle, one of the new school directors, who had heard about that story and other stories, said he would come himself and insisted that we use the staff hall again for some of the sessions.

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