Christmas Message

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October 14, 2021
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February 28, 2022

Christmas Message

One of Operation Mercy’s great strengths is our presence with people. Our international volunteers as well as our our local staff, pay a lot of attention to “being with” people, i.e. living among them and being one of them.

When I, myself, lived in Central Asia, I learned Uzbek and Tajik, the languages spoken by the people around me. I had local dresses made, and at times I wore headscarf. I learned about a whole new world of local art, poetry, and I learned to cook and enjoy the local food.

At Christmas we celebrate God coming to be with us, that he came to live among us. He is our model in this. “Fear not, for I bring good news of great joy for all people,” said the angels to the shepherds in the first Christmas night.

Good news of joy – for all people

What is good news and joy for me today, at this Christmas 2021?

  • I long for hope – that the bad news and darkness will have an end.
  • I long for community, friends, and family, for people I belong to.
  • I long for strength, to support others as they support me.
  • I personally have experienced many times at Christmas, and in everyday life, that God and his people have wanted to be that hope, community, and strength for me.

    Our vision in Operation Mercy is to restore hope, build capacity and promote community – let’s do this for each other as well as for those around us who are longing for good news and joy.

    Thank you for being a part of Operation Mercy as we walk into 2022, being present fully where we are, and with the people around us.

    Blessed Christmas and New Year!

    Yours, Andrea Vogt, International Director of Operation Mercy

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