Afghan Refugee Relief

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April 20, 2021
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May 26, 2021

Afghan Refugee Relief

Operation Mercy's local partners are continuing to support communities in Tajikistan during the COVID 19 crisis. One team is focusing on the needs of Afghan refugees in the country.

It is difficult for Afghan refugees to live in Tajikistan because they are unable to work and face many restrictions. Our partner organization held several meetings with them and explained the work that they do. The meeting was open, and people felt free to talk about their needs and problems. Many of them had lost close relatives during the pandemic, and because there was no way to send the body home, they were forced to bury them in Tajikistan.

A leader of refugees from Afghanistan spoke about meeting with one of Operation Mercy’s partner organizations in Tajikistan:

“I am a leader of refugees from Afghanistan. Today we had a meeting with the organization staff. We were very happy that someone was interested in our life. We had many questions, especially about obtaining documents and our rights. Many questions were answered for free, which is not unimportant. Because we always have to pay for everything. It was a great conversation; we hope we can continue to work together.”

An Afghan refugee expressed gratitude for Operation Mercy's local partners who are continuing to support communities in Tajikistan during the COVID 19 crisis:

“I have five children. My husband is a cancer patient. It is very hard to live in a foreign country, without support. Today they came to us and helped us with groceries. Thank you for your timely help.”

Cooperation between the Afghan refugee population and Operation Mercy’s partner organization has been established and there is hope for fruitful work in the future!

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