Clean and Healthy Water

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November 5, 2018
Children’s lives are improved through WaSH
November 9, 2018

Clean and Healthy Water

Our WaSH (water, sanitation and hygiene) project staff support volunteer community trainers to reach their families and neighbours with life-saving messages about hand washing, safe water and safe faecal disposal. Our WaSH program in the outskirts of Kabul is designed to promote and enable improved practices associated with water, sanitation and hygiene.

One of the members of the community we are involved in said:

“In the past we always got water from a well that is far away from our house.  Transporting the water to our house was very difficult for us.  The well got polluted more and more every day.  One day we saw that it was not usable anymore.

When the well was dug for us some percentage of our problems decreased. But it wasn’t enough to solve the water problem for all people.  We felt the need for more wells in our district to provide enough clean water for everybody. After some weeks, wells were provided by Operation Mercy.  At this time, it solved almost all our problem. Now we have access to clean and healthy water. The people of the area and community are using water from the wells and we are involved in the safety and maintenance of these wells.”

One of the mothers in the community is delighted with the practical skills she has learnt through the WaSH programme. She said:

“I get water from the mosque’s water pump which is located far away from our house. From the day you taught us the tippy tap lesson, water usage has decreased because it is a good hand washing technique. It uses less water and soap.  My children love washing their hands with the tippy tap, because it is something new and different for them.”

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