Men Learning to Care Well

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September 25, 2019
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Men Learning to Care Well

BLiSS (Birth Life Savings Skills) is a community based health education program teaching both men and women about good behaviours around healthy pregnancies and deliveries, and new born health. 

The following story was shared by one of the participants in the Men’s BLiSS program:

“My daughter-in-law was three months pregnant.  One night I was woken up to find that she was suffering from severe bleeding and was extremely unwell.  As I had attended the BLiSS training, I knew that this was a very serious condition.  I told my family that it was urgent for us to get her to a hospital or clinic as soon as possible.  I told them to keep my daughter-in-law warm, and asked my daughter to give my daughter-in-law a cup of sweet tea, as this would help reduce the risk of her going into shock.


"Then I went out into the street to find the taxi driver who lives near to our home.  He came with his vehicle and we carefully carried my daughter-in-law out to the car, and had her lie down in the back so that she stayed flat to help reduce the blood loss.  As soon as we arrived at the clinic, I asked the doctor to check my daughter-in-law, explaining that she was three months pregnant and had very severe bleeding.  I particularly asked him to check if there was anything left in her uterus that would cause her to keep bleeding, as I knew from the BLiSS lessons that that would be particularly dangerous and might kill her. The clinic staff looked after her well, and my daughter-in-law is now well and back home with her family. I am thankful for the lessons I learned in BLiSS.”  

Many men in the communities are learning how to better care for their pregnant women and they often comment that before attending the BLiSS groups they would not have considered that there was anything they could do to help in this kind of situation.

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