Whakhan Health and Eduсation, Kyrgyzstan

Leadership Training through Sport, Kyrgyzstan
June 17, 2018
Shine, Iraq
June 18, 2018

There are around 1,500 Ethnic Kyrgyz people living in the Pamir Mountains of Afghanistan with little access to resources including education, food, roads or medical care. 1 in 3 women currently die in childbirth and one half of all children will die before they reach the age of 5.

A society as a whole benefits when its members have access to education and basic health necessities. We believe that the Kyrgyz children in Afghanistan can be raised with universal access to education and infant and maternal mortality can be reduced through health education and treatment.

Therefore, the goal of this project is to respond to the request of the Kyrgyz people living in the Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan by partnering with them in developing and promoting education for children, addressing health issues through health education and treatment, and providing aid where possible and necessary.

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