Disaster Preparedness & Response, Jordan

Community Based Rehabilitation, Jordan
June 18, 2018
NGOs Capacity Development, Iran
June 18, 2018

The UNHCR reports there are over 600,000 registered Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan. However, when including the amount of non-registered refugees, the total amount of refugees in Jordan is approximately 1.2 million. They represent one-sixth of the country's entire population. The majority of refugees (80%) live outside of camps, in urban host communities. This protracted crisis has had a devastating impact on the physical, social, and mental health of individuals and families, making it difficult to cope.

Operation Mercy is addressing the health concerns of refugees in a number of ways. We organize medical professionals into mobile teams to provide primary medical care to refugees that have limited or no access to medical help. The most vulnerable families receive 10 kilograms of fresh vegetables a week (which is the biproduct of our agricultural development project for Jordanian farmers).

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