Disaster Preparedness & Response, International

Disaster Preparedness & Response, North Macedonia
June 13, 2018
Kids & Reading, Mauritania
June 13, 2018

Where a large natural or man-made disaster overwhelms local response capacity, Operation Mercy's global response team, comprised of permanent staff and long- and short-term volunteers, offers larger-scale support to existing in-country teams. In recent the past three years Operation Mercy’s DP&R responders have assisted in countries including Bangladesh, Ecuador, South Sudan, the Philippines, Nepal, Northern Iraq and Jordan. Disaster Response activities range from training and technical guidance for local communities, to support with food and non-food item distributions, camp management, and the running of Child Friendly Spaces. A notable focus of our work is with communities in vulnerable areas to enhance their capacity to reduce the impact of any disaster.

Operation Mercy has its roots in disaster response, initially responding to the needs of the Kurdish people in Northern Iraq in 1991. Over the past 20 years, disaster response has been the starting point of longer-term development projects in many of the countries where Operation Mercy currently operates.

A key component of Operation Mercy’s approach is practical training focused on disaster preparedness as well as response. Recent trainings reached volunteers and local partners in countries including Greece, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia and Serbia

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